At Prestige Upholstery we believe the utilisation of superior products and businesses is the key to excellence. We have built strong relationships with a select range of businesses that we believe supply the highest quality products and services to ensure your experience and your furnishings outlast and outperform beyond your expectations.

Partnerships - Warwick Fabrics

Warwick Fabrics is a household name in innovation, quality and service around the world. With companies based in Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand, and other global affiliations; Warwick Fabrics are at the forefront of international design and distribution exporting interior upholstery and window covering textiles to over 50 countries.

Partnerships - Wortley Group

Established in 1953, Wortley Group is a family run business, based in Melbourne, Australia. Over this time, Wortley has become known as one of the leading suppliers of furnishings, gaining respect both locally and worldwide. Wortley’s residential and commercial upholstery ranges are designed inhouse and produced utilising only the best weaving partners around the world. With international supply partners including Linwood (UK), Ashley Wilde (UK), Textilia (NZ), and Grites (Italy) Wortley’s indent ranges offer a broad range of exclusive upholstery and drapery options for the decorative end of the market.

Partnerships - Dunlop Foams

By any benchmark, Dunlop Foam is a world-class company that can compete in product innovation, quality and price with any brand in the market. Our specialist furniture and bedding foams are researched, developed and tested in Australia and backed by the resources of Pacific Brands. It means consistent quality, reliable national distribution and full technical and service support. We also invest in the development and promotion of our brands such as Enduro, Luxura, Opulence, Viscoflex and Stamina, which are recognised throughout the industry for their outstanding performance characteristics and acknowledged as market leaders in their own right.

Partnerships - Crowson

The Crowson Group represents the very best in upholstery and soft furnishing fabrics the world has to offer. Under the group’s diverse brands of Crowson, Monkwell, Waverly and Charterhouse, each year numerous collections are released that feature cutting edge design in vast colour spectrums for every interior situation.

Partnerships - Elliott Clarke

Elliott Clarke was established in 1993 as a decorative wholesaler servicing the interior design, manufacturing, retail and commercial markets. We have developed our business through strong relationships with our customers by offering beautiful innovative textiles, exceptional service and a passion for design and reliability. In addition to our vast stock collections Elliott Clarke also represents some of the world’s finest editors.

Partnerships - Maxwell Rodgers

Some 20 years ago, long before ‘sustainability’ was even a consideration when choosing a fabric, we started our business in New Zealand, a country famed for its fine wool and environment. Today, Maxwellrodgers Fabrics have a true international presence having worked closely with leading designers to create fabrics designed to perform in given environments, and to strict budgets, for some of the finest hotels, casinos, cruise ships, airlines, aged care facilities and corporate offices from around the world. While we believe our textures, color choice and high performance fibre blends are unsurpassed, what designers really value above all, is our flexibility. We can custom make fabric, at no extra cost, exactly to your design and performance criteria.

Partnerships - Instyle

INSTYLE has earned an International reputation for innovative textiles designed for airlines, trains, entertainment venues, casinos and convention centres, hospitality and healthcare interiors, commercial offices and education facilities, as well as high-end residential and public spaces.

Partnerships - Mokum

Mokum is known for our fresh interpretation of enduring design themes, translating ideas into textile collections which enhance home, office and public environments. Our design process is heavily influenced by our lifestyle and natural environment as well as global and market trends. Patterns, materials, yarn colours and production techniques are explored in collaboration with the finest international mills. All products are designed to be both enduring and beautiful, reflecting the essence of the Mokum brand. Mokum has trade showrooms throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America. We are proud to distribute international brands Zimmer + Rohde, Ardecora, Etamine, Hodsoll McKenzie, Travers, Warner, Neisha Crosland, Designtex and Majilite in Australia and New Zealand.

Partnerships - FurnTech

The Australasian Furnishing Research and Development Institute is an independent not-for-profit technical organisation providing standards, testing, product certification and research for buyers and sellers of furniture. The purpose of testing and certification is to ensure that products are not only safe, but that they will last, thus contributing to sustainability, and minimising use of the earth’s resources. While most of the work centres on establishing standards for industry, it is likely that in future the organisation will develop more consumer-focused standards, such as its new program to identify leather from other materials which may have similar appearance.

Partnerships - Woven

Woven Image is an Australian wholesale textile design and interior finishes company, specialising in sustainable textiles and vertical surface finishes for commercial interiors. Woven Image products serve the office, hospitality, and healthcare industries.

Partnerships - FIAA Member

The Furnishing Industry Association of Australia represents the commercial interests of the furnishing and joinery industry. As a Registered Training Organisation we provide new apprentices with vocational education & training.