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Trends & Inspiration

Be inspired

This month Instyle Australia shares the mood colour trends straight from Salone del Mobile. Milano 2024; the international furniture fair that showcases the latest trends and innovations in design. Be inspired by the bursts of colour and textures that was on display.

Be Creative

James Dunlop Australia invites us to examine the technical aspect of accessory cushioning; exploring how they can be a playful, flexible and functional element to your interior space. Get creative and experiment with design and colour in your space.

Be Sustainable

Warwick Australia explains that in an era where environmental consciousness is not just appreciated but expected their Encore range is a sustainable textile solution. Warwick Australia say that as consumer demand moves towards products that are not only high in quality and design but also environmentally responsible, Encore is a range of innovative fabrics in collaboration with leading yarn suppliers that offer the perfect blend of quality, performance, and reduced environmental impact. Explore them further here.


Be informed

Your investment for the re-upholstery of your furniture will depend on several things. Firstly, your choice of material, this can vary dramatically in price from as low as $30.00 up to as much as $300.00 per lineal metre or even more. Secondly, your furniture’s style and condition will make up the remaining costs as no two pieces of furniture are the same. It is important we see your furniture so we can give you an accurate price.   

No, pickup and delivery is usually part of our service, we will come to you and collect your furniture and return it once it has been completed to your specifications and to our standards.

This is a very important question to ask. We believe all furniture can be re-upholstered and repaired if required; frames can be restored, padding can be replaced with new high resilient paddings and of course, your material can be restyled with a new material of your choice.

No, we stock a comprehensive range of the highest quality fabrics and leathers from leading fabric houses from Australia and around the world for you to choose from.  These high superior materials will ensure you receive not only the finest quality but give you longevity in your furniture. 

This will vary as not everyone has the same style and configuration of furniture. Generally the length of time we will need your furniture will be 2-3 days through to 2-3 weeks. This will be discussed with you at the time of our appointment. We understand everyone has differing needs and we will discuss this also at the time of our appointment. 

This is a great question; when you become a client of Prestige Upholstery you will receive our personalised service from fully accredited and trained craftspeople with years of experience behind them.  You will have the opportunity to customise your furniture by re-styling and re-storing your furniture just the way you like it. We can provide ideal comfort, support and resilient paddings both in traditional and modern contemporary design. We can ensure you get to keep your favourite piece of furniture and have it restored to your ideal comfort and style.   

Yes, this is no problem for our trained team as we design a new pattern throughout the process of restoring your furniture. This can also be completed in reverse, fabric to leather.  Our trained team create patterns for your furniture to suit your specifications and design needs.  You will see the possibilities are endless.

At Prestige Upholstery our reputation in the furniture industry is very important to us and we are committed to the long term satisfaction of all our clients.  That is why Prestige Upholstery guarantees our upholstery workmanship for the life of your furniture or for as long as you have it.  

Yes, furniture that has been damaged through general wear and tear can be repaired or parts can be replaced.  We can repair anything from scratched timbers and leathers to broken springs and replacement of parts. Please visit our services page to get a full list of the range of services that we offer. If you feel there is a service that you require that is not listed, we may still be able to help or point you in the right direction to others who can help. Please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our trained team members, we are here to help.

Although we stock a comprehensive range of materials from leading fabric houses, we have no problem using the material you have purchased yourself.

Yes, furniture polishing is a service we provide to our clients through the use of our extended company partners, known and trusted craftspeople who are fully accredited and trained. We can organise this as a part of our service to you.


Tips & How to

This month’s cleaning tip

Ways to take care of your fabric

Our spot cleaning advice is offered in good faith and should not be considered as a guarantee that all stains will be removed. For severe stains, on satins or more decorative fabrics including silk, please contact us for a professional upholstery cleaning.

This month, Warwick Fabric Australia introduces us to their WarGuard Treatment and suggest that WarGuard protection will allow effortless living.

WarGuard not only offers a robust solution protecting furniture from inevitable daily living accidents but it does so with environmental integrity and the pursuit of sustainability. Learn more about it here.

WarGuard Treatment by Warwick Fabrics

How to care for & maintain your furniture

General care and maintenance of your furniture is essential to ensure years of trouble free enjoyment.

The application of our approved fabric protection.

Following the care labels attached to your furniture.

Regular vacuuming of seat, base and cushions.

Immediate attention to spills, spots and stains using our recommended care kits.

Positioning your furniture away from direct UV rays and heat sources.

Regular rotation of cushions during vacuuming process.

Having your furniture professionally cleaned at regular intervals.

Proper use of your furniture, misuse such as jumping on or sitting on the arms of your furniture is not recommended.

All these recommendations will ensure that your furniture is maintained in excellent condition.


Be Inspired

Consider Foundations– your foundations for your furniture are important and are like the suspension on your car, they need to be strong but move with you. How are the foundations on your lounge or chair? Are they soft? Do they move? Is there anything not working or in need of repair?

Your framework – is there anything broken? Do you still like the style?

Your seating springs / foam – is there anything sagging? Is it supportive? Is there anything you would like to change?

Think about Fabric– What do you like about your fabric? What do you want to change?What texture are you after? A velvet, a linen, a leather? What colour are you after? Are you after a pattern? A block colour? What features do you want your fabric to have? Easy to clean? Sustainable?

Choose Accessories– Is there anything in particular you want to add to your furniture? Do you want piping / fringing / tassels / braid?

Is there anything else you want or need to build your space? Scatter cushions / ottomans / curtains / lamp shades / rugs?

Engage in creativity

Research – request our Shoppers guide to buying furniture to assist you in finding the furniture you are after.

Collaborate and discuss – organise an appointment with us to view samples and gain costing estimates.

Create – let us do the hard work and create the luxury and lifestyle you deserve.

Choose sustainability

Request our brochure to help you create the luxury and lifestyle you deserve by restyling, restoring, repairing and re-upholstering, and in the process, reduce waste and decrease added environmental pressures.

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